It’s my choice of what I’m doing now….because I want to change what I thought is not for me. I’m not a quitter, coz I knew if someday I wanted to change I should decide, coz to start changes, I had my decision.

I finished my course in Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Advertising…. I love art, I love people, animals, things, places, reading a story, I love food and to make it short I love our world. The kind of art I really love is Surrealism…. distorted fantasy. Because I thought this art will always give me a lot of space. Even in other medium, I could imagine the subject in many forms. Yes art has many forms. Paintings, music, poetry and so on…I also count my inner feeling.

On the other side of me is being sensitive, not because I’m an artist but I’m just an ordinary person. When I say I’m sensitive it’s not what you think though… what I mean is being sensitive to what is around me. Not only I used my sight, my nose, my ears but I’m used to use my heart. In other words “Mixed Media”.

Music is one of my art form, during college, my days were not complete whenever I didn’t heard my favorite sound. I even join our rondalla band. Fortunately, I became a scholar in my college and continued to join the band.

After college I worked as an artist for two years, but still that doesn’t mean I was quitting being artist. No, no and no way.I applied being a band member, as a keyboard player. And went abroad. For seventeen years as a musician.. I met a lot of people in different walks of life. And yet I’m still in-touch with my Mixed Media. Therefore, I had a lot of lessons that I have learned.

Another choice of what I’m doing now is being a teacher. At first, I was saying, I still didn’t quit being an artist.
I love people, the little creature in our planet. Truly their mind is like an empty box, whatever you put inside their mind, they will gather it. And sooner they’ll show you what you have putted inside their head.

For my life is very complicated I always move in many direction. But no matter how my life is complicated, as an artist, I should say simply like this. “My life is Surreal coz I have to put in my mind the choice I wanted, and I should keep on coming to the real life, to what is my choice, whether it is distorted or plainly ironed.”

I’m with my special friend Mr. Moshan. The creature that never stop learning and doing. He always uses his space to create his art. Me and Mr. Moshan did some similar sound for listening. Namely rock, pop, ethnic, RnB, and classical sound.
Many of these works are experimental. The most exciting is how we combined our ideas to work on it. In no matter what we believed in, and it was surprisingly becomes the result of mixed style. As the music comes through, and yet we can still elaborate and widen our craft, because we believed in “art has freedom”.

Mr. Moshan is mastering composing a poem. Later on something will pop out inside his mind and sing the melody to me. I’ll follow what he’s humming and kaboom! We have created a music. And armed with midi keyboard and software, I quickly add some instruments and some notes that I thought would fit in. I enjoyed a lot of doing my part. And as I finished quantizing all the notes and instruments, the next thing was we would enjoy listening them as many times.

As of now and in the coming days, we’re continuing to experiment some of our ideas to art and music.

We hope your visit will not be the last time but always will be the first time.

Warm regards, Edwin “Doodzt” B.S.-Jepproxx.