Jepproxx is an art website with a focus on research in the art of Chinese characters. It is made up three parts, Moshan’s art, Music of Yisheng, and the Poetry society of Xiangyu. It includes three categories: the aesthetics art painting and calligraphy, aesthetics of music, and the aesthetic of language.

Founder: Moshan

Moshan, original name: Li Yong, other names: Ruquan, Xiangyu, poet, artist and music producer. English name: Walter G.

Male, born in Beijing in 1966, star sign Libra. In 1992, Moshan completed his study in English in the Chinese Media Academy. He worked in various places including the News Department of Xinhua news agency, the Beijing office of Link International Equipment (Chicago, US), Beijing office of Pan-Pacific (New York, US). Moshan established Moshan Fine Art Studio in 1998, where he has worked in the areas of painting, music, literature and teaching up to present day.

Educated at a young age, Moshan began studying Chinese classical text at the age of 7, and painting at the age of 8, as well as music temperament. His began his study of western literature, art and music at the age of 15.

During his studies, he was kindly guided and coached by many people, including the former secretary-general of the Chinese Trade Union, Mr. Wang Ruifeng (basic aesthetics), former head of The Academy of Light Industries, Mr. Zhu Kang (basic aesthetics), former post-graduate research advisor of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Mr. Li Zaiqin (classic Chinese literature, classic western music), former director of the Russian languages team in Xinhua news agency, Ms Wang Yafan (Russian literature, painting and music), former editor of the “Art” magazine, student of the famous painter Chen Banding, Mr Zhang Chongmei (Chinese painting), former director of Art History at the Central Academy of Craft Art, Mr. Xi Jingzhi (history of Chinese and western art), former professor of the Central Conservatory of Music, a specialist in temperament, Mr. Miu Tianrui (temperament), well-known singer, Zang Yuyan (vocal music), former researcher at The Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, famous Guqin player Mr. Chen Changlin (temperament of the Guqin, chanting of classic poetry), a specialist in classic music notation, Mr. Song Guangsheng (classic music notation), former professor at the Central Conservatory of Music, director of the research of foreign music, Mr. Yang Guang and Ms Shen Jine (songwriting and music appreciation), former chief journalist of the New York branch of the Xinhua news agency, former deputy head of the Chinese Media Academy, Mr. Zhou Lifang (western literature, Philology), former chairman of the Zhonghua Poetry Society, professor of the Chinese Media Academy, Mr. Zhou Duwen (classic Chinese poetry), former senior professor of the Chinese Media Academy, Mr. Li Bingtai (English rhetoric), former Chinese Chess master, coach of the Provincial Chess Academy in Heilongjiang, Mr. Li Zhongjian (Chinese chess), former head of propaganda in the Women’s Association, Head of Women’s publishing, chief editor of Women’s Magazine, Mr. Li Zhongxiu (history of Chinese culture and customs), former deputy head of Xinhua newsagency, Mr. Pang Bingan (Latin-American literature), former head of the African branch of Xinhua news agency, Mr Chen Qiming (Russian literature and Art), former head of the Moscow branch of Xinhua news agency, Mr. Tang Xiuzhe (Russian literature and Art), former professor of the Chinese Media Academy, Mr. Zhou Shiming (English translation techniques), former professor of the Chinese Media Academy, Mr. Fang Zhongkong (English rhetoric), former deputy head of the Chinese Media Academy, Mr. Liu Bingwen and assistant professor Ms Zhang Haiyan (comparison of eastern and western literature), former senior editor of Xinhua news agency, author, translator, Mr. Zhao Susu, former Dean of the media faculty at Columbia University, Ms. Diana S and English specialist of Xinhua news agency Ms. Sincere Woody, (English media editing, English writing), former arts professor of New Mexico State University, Mr. John Francis Cacciatore (history of western art), Ms Sutthi of the Thai royalty, Mr. Niran (mediation), and successor of Zhao Bao Taichi, Mr. Wang Xiangfeng (Taichi).

Art exhibitions: Beijing Red Wall exhibition in 2001, the Songzhuang Open in 2008, “Dangsheng” exhibition series in 2009.

Moshan’s work of art and music are collected by many people, including former head of China News Service Ms. Zhou Bingde, former secretary of Chinese Women’s Association, Ms. Kang Ling and Mr. Yang Jingren, former deputy leader of Xinhua news agency Mr. Pang Bingan, former head of propaganda in the Women’s Association, Ms. Li Zhongxiu, former head of the African branch of Xinhua news agency, Mr Chen Qiming, Mr Jing Bao Lu of IBM, Ms. Li Huaying of American Minerals Company, former head assistant at the Department of Aeronautics Ms. Liu Fengqin, renowned film director, Mr Tian Di, former professor of University of International Business and Economics, Mr. Song Dai and his wife Ms. Xia Xichen, former international women’s high jump world champion, Olympic gold medalist Ms. Zheng Fengrong, professor of the Russian team in Xinhua news agency, Ms. Chen Baihong, Ms. Zhou Jun of IBM Beijing, former deputy secretary of the International Department, Ms. Zhou Shiqin, former member of the Chinese Academy of modern international relations, Ms. Li Youqing, Mr. John Francis Cacciatore, Ms. Nancy Ann Kozikowski, Mr. Semania Sergsei, Ms. Semania Gatian, Ms. Isbella Costerman, and Ms. Lesoeur Virginie.

Artworks: his works “A morning in the memory of the Ancient East”, “1999=2000”, “within you, is my shattering”, “time inside an empty room and unconscious cries”, “mountain climbing and rain watching”, “the fourth status: warm”, were publish in the “Chinese Soil” magazine 2002 new years special edition (p24)

Works of literature: “chants of the Daoye” published in the “Beijing Worker” magazine 10th, 11th and 12th editions (totaling over 10,000 words).